National Museum of Qatar project by Newman MEP
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Building Services

Technical expertise provided in Mechanical, Electrical and Public health (Hydraulic, Fire, Sustainability and Stormwater). Assessment of all your MEP Building Services requirements to achieve the best possible outcome.







Stage 1

Feasibility and Concept

Review and improve, where possible, the Principal’s Project Requirements (PPR) in line with the Client’s business goals. Assistance in preparing the Structural, Architectural MEP design consultant briefs, providing a list of qualified consultants, vetting of all submissions and providing a complete review and recommendation after listing all pros and cons of each submission. Identify any opportunities to minimise the use of resources on all levels and to reduce future unnecessary alterations and changes to the remaining 3 stages.

Stage 2


Review of all design documents to ensure cost effectiveness and mediate communications between the Client and other design stakeholders. Changes to design are inevitable for many reasons. Newman MEP Services will provide you with a buffer and minimise these changes utilising our expertise to subjugate any unnecessary changes in direction.

Stage 3


Write and review all MEP tender documents, attend tender interviews, and provide a complete review and summary of recommendations including a list of all pros and cons of each submission. Provide third party suggestions and improvements in addition to those offered by the trades and provide a mutually acceptable outcome to the Design and Documentation teams to allow a complete set of contract documents to be fulfilled.

Stage 4


Oversee, review and make recommendations to rectify any errors in design, changes to authority requirements or suggestions from the trades, all of which predominately take place in the first quarter of any construction phase. Consolidate Workshop documents in conjunction with the design team. Consolidate and review all trade objections, changes, options and suggestions and provide recommendations to the appropriate team members.

Stage 5

Defects Liability Period (DLP)

During and after the DLP, Newman MEP Services will close out the end of the construction program by assisting and reviewing the provision of all relevant documentation from the builder including the ongoing operation of the project, and offer final confirmation that the original PPR has been achieved.

Quality Assurance

Newman MEP Services knows that Quality Assurance in MEP directly affects the bottom line of any project, whether it’s conventional profitability or a triple bottom line outcome. Newman MEP Services will recommend the use of either 2D, 3D, Digital Twins, Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality to allow all facets of any project to maximise correct inputs and outcomes at all phases past DLP, and will include IoT, Big Data and any other relevant modern technology.


Newman MEP Services understands and acknowledges that sustainability, while critical, no longer encompasses the environmental aspects of any project alone. Energy Usage, Water Usage and Environmental impacts are now all under Sustainability, and when reporting and measuring of these elements can be incorporated in all aspects of the project, this provides a unique and important differentiator for all properties, whether for on-sale or lease. Newman MEP Services will drive all the above, where appropriate, to allow the project to show its worth to the client, user and the environment by using the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data well after all Stages are complete.

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